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Why So Dry? The “tea” on your child’s dry hair condition

Why So Dry?  The “tea” on your child’s dry hair condition

The main reason for your child’s dry hair is that the scalp doesn’t produce enough natural oil to moisturize the hair.  This can be hereditary, or it could be something that happens over time due to various factors. 

Over Washing and Under Conditioning Can Dry The Hair 

 Shampooing with a formula that’s too harsh for your kid’s dry hair, or shampooing too much can strip away the hair’s natural oils.  On the other hand, you really can’t use too much conditioner—it’s dry hair’s best friend! 

What you can do:

Choose a shampoo that’s designed for dry hair.  These are usually creamy rather than clear, and they may contain ingredients like aloe and coconut oil that help dry hair retain moisture. Our Bye Bye Dry Cocoa Mint Conditioning Cleanser contains over 12 oils and butters to give your child’s hair the extra moisture it needs.

Condition your child’s dry hair on the “off” days: Swap out the shampoo for a leave-in conditioner formulated for dry hair a few days a week!  The hair will feel as if you’ve shampooed, and your child’s dry hair will benefit from an extra dose of conditioning! Our Bye Bye Dry Cocoa Creme Hair Soak promises to quench your child’s dry hair thirst.